Wednesday, June 15, 2011

puzzy power and cupido

My latest article at Good Vibrations Magazine was posted earlier today. Titled "Pink Prison: Power Play and the Woman's Gaze," I write in it about the most successful so-called "Puzzy Power" film, namely Pink Prison (1999). The film stands out not just with its high production quality, but with its meditation on control: claiming it or surrendering it. The film is also striking for its focus on the female gaze studying male sexuality.

 A series of porn aimed at women, Puzzy Power was launched in the late nineties by the mainstream feature film company of renowned filmmaker Lars von Trier, director of such films as the Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or awarded Dancer in the Dark (2000, starring Bj√∂rk and Catherine Deneuve) and Dogville (2003, starring Nicole Kidman). All three Puzzy Power films are stylistically well-made and strive to focus on women as sexual subjects with their own agency, and not as objects of desire at the fancy of men's desires. However, while all have been bestsellers, the other two films--Constance (1998) and All About Anna (2005)--in my opinion tend to reinforce traditional gender roles in terms of what women want.

However, as the first hardcore porn films to be produced by an established mainstream film company (the largest in Scandinavia), the Puzzy Power films represent a brave and intriguing concept, which is encouraging for what it reveals about the growing attention devoted to the need for progressive, gender democratic porn catering to modern women and men.

While on vacation in Norway these last couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to also meet with the founder and editor of Cupido, Norway's oldest sex and lifestyle magazine. You can read my articles publishes there a few years ago here (in Norwegian). A well-established progressive magazine and online shop and social forum, I hope to begin writing more for Cupido within the next few months.
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